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Cleaner why cleaning Services are becoming more popular

looking for purity, in spite of the crisis. In addition to Clearing firms that are primarily to corporate customers and private cleaners, (phones the sensible Housewives are transferred to each other as secret knowledge), experience this Boom cleaning Services. The founders of these services, compare their Start-UPS, but nothing criminal in your company, you will not: develop a platform that has the Moscow to find a cleaner, and the performers — select the appropriate order. has understood, why this service is becoming more and more popular.

The Designer behind the harvest


The former Director has chosen to take over cleaning. "After monitoring the successful Start-UPS and private cleaning experience, it turned out that this area is not yet digitized so good and not so convenient for the customer, as we would like. he's talking about.


Your kliing Service created by former Designer to grow in the first turnover of the company for investment in, and more . In addition to the market services, and others.


Then the group of it professionals at the forefront has already worked on. Together with partners, he has managed to open branches in, and . What is the reason for the success?


"The popularity of cleaning Services is no longer connected with the growth of the Consumer market in this Segment, "and with the success of a number of Western projects, the efficient model in the clinic who have rolled our Start-UPS", - said the founder of the Service-search helpers. He recalled that the project attracted. His service Klinging — it is the fifth most popular category. Total orders per day. "This year, a lot of requests for the continuous cleaning come especially, although we are positioned as a once-a-service," he says.


According to him, in the market of cleaning until recently, two main types of players: cleaning companies , General cleaning, and a large number of private people, which would cost a similar cleaning effect . The price difference is not so much greedy business people, such as the need to pay the wages of the customer. Private cleaners are output at the best as an individual entrepreneur or on the income of natural persons paid. and give the same quality guarantees, loyalty programs, such as the Clearing — company - says, the customer receives a good Service for reasonable money, a bit more expensive than when working with individuals directly."


According to him, the only Problem is that, while the company is very difficult, with professional staff. Each withdrawal will spend физлицу, the company will be Fiscal Agent and must taxes pay for it. All of the systems, to work around this standard carry large risks for the business: the attention of the tax authorities, even massive payments, even though they are completely legal.

Price Question


"We connected as a but for house cleaning, we have in-house workers and customers. We are cheaper, and easier cleaning companies, and exactly better and reliable Filipino cleaners. Our housekeeper is carefully selected and can not only well you clean your house, but also Shirts, caress and even cooking," — draws the benefits of his company. The coverage of the audience, and the optimization of the logistics of the cleaner saves you on the road. It receives hourly fees, regardless of the requirements of the customers. On average, the cleaning of the apartment costs.


The Average Check. The customer can also ask to wash the refrigerator, clean it to get the oven or in the kitchen cabinets, wash the Windows, and pet clothing. The Service has a referral System bonuses: bring a friend and receive


In principle it is possible to find the cleaner cheaper, but a lot of customers not contact the cleaning services because they trust people from the street. Before connecting to the System, for example, checks the quality of the sound and asks for a Test to determine whether you can spoil something if they are cleaned. In addition, the services offer a warranty for the Service. can miss change-to-understand work for free. "Many customers say that, we say, the cleaning is better as a private cleaner, you have worked with," the founder of the service

 — This is due to the fact that our clinker want a high rating." He even stayed once in a dirty apartment due to the fact that the private cleaners could not come at a certain time-then he decided that the Service of the order, the cleaning will always be very popular.

high expectations

Contrary to stereotypes, the cleaning of the apartment to order, predominantly women , who are focused on career and do not want to spend time for cleaning. The number of customers declined somewhat in June, but, nevertheless, continues to grow despite the crisis, stable. "The people have explained in more detail at your free time, — the managing Director — in the crisis, the most important asset — time. And the chances of survival in the crisis and the success of the crisis depends on how to invest and where your free time. The cleaning give, people can concentrate on more important things, he considers. Now his company thousands of regular customers, the harvesting order per day.


The Manager believes that good cleaning services is not enough. "There are a lot of sovkovyh companies on the market uborok from private apartments, but you have bad results," he says.


According to the words, the market is in the Phase of rapid growth: the old models of cleaning companies do not show the best results, while the new have a number of advantages. The growth is based laments on the setting of the new clinker,. The search for good artists takes a lot of time. Until his company only three office employees and clinicians to perform ten orders per day works. He hopes to rent soon begin, not only, but also the citizens, in order to accelerate the development of the company.


"The prospects are very rosy," he says . — Soon the people will realize that the cleaning of apartments, you can be professionals and do what they want." His company planned to extend the list of services: a month after construction and General cleaning, also to go to other cities. In addition, the employees of the service are in the order of offices in the Test mode.

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